vampire spells that work overnight in South Africa

vampire spells that work overnight in South Africa

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Vampire stories have been around almost longer than most people can remember, and many people are fascinated about vampires because of their immortal powers.  The vampire brings both fear and interest to people and the legend has been through history that vampire spells can be used to keep evil away and to reach immortality.

There are real vampire stories that talk about people that have terrorized villages and no one is really sure if these vampires were undead and came to haunt someone but they have been forever in the literature and culture of people all around the world.

Do you want to cast a vampire spell?  If you do, the best thing that you can do is to find a spell caster to help you do this, otherwise, here are some more facts about vampires and vampire spells.

vampire spells that work overnight in South Africa

Science and Vampires

As early as 1500, there were many ideas about vampires, and it was to the point where villages were claiming to be terrorized by vampires that raised from the dead to come and suck their blood.  Many of these sightings happened when the black plague came to be, and scientists believe that society was not able to understand what death was and how the human body decomposes.

Since science had very few advancements then, people thought that when a person was put into the grave that their body just stayed as it was and therefore, they could raise up again and become a vampire or an undead.  The only way to get rid of this evil was to use a stake to the heart or to burn them. Many people chose to burn their dead because they wanted to prevent them from becoming vampires.

vampire spells that work overnight in South Africa

vampire spells that work overnight in South Africa


Vampire legends are in abundance and there are stories of villages that were attacked by vampires in 1582.  These villages in Pintsch that is located in the Czech Republic were attacked by a man named Johannes Cuntius who had died in a tragic accident.  While he was laying in his deathbed, a black cat jumped on him which mean t a curse to the people.

He died right afterwards and then later, the villagers claimed to see him at the village at night and that he smelled terrible.  When he would see people, he would eat them or suck their blood.  They decided the best thing to do was to burn his corpse and cut him into pieces and turn him into ashes.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory was another legend.  She was born in Transylvania in 1560 and was a very rich woman that was considered beautiful.  She was obsessed with young women and would drink their blood so that she could stay youthful.  She was eventually put in jail for things she had done.

A man named Peter Blagojevich was said to have come out of his grave in 1725 to ask his sone for food and the son gave him food the first night but then refused.  Eventually the son and his whole family was murdered, and the vampire had drunk their blood.  Legend says that the vampire continued roaming through the town killing other villagers in the same way.  Each death had reports of a vampire and when the villagers dug up the grave of the man, it was preserved and had not decayed at all, but his mouth was covered in blood.

vampire spells that work overnight in South Africa

Blood and Magic

Blood is a very powerful magical tool.  Blood is used to give life and is seen when there is mortality.  Blood brings life and leaves after death.

When a woman is menstruating, she is able to have children and when a woman’s hymen is broken and brings on blood, it is the gateway to having children which is the bringing of life.  Blood shows life and power and the history of our ancestors carried blood.  We are passionate about our own blood and the bloodline of our families.

People are interested in blood and this is a connection that people began to believe is a way to immorality.  Blood is said to extend someone to be youthful and so it is no surprise that blood has been used in spells and in witchcraft.  It is no surprise that vampires want to feed on blood for immortal life.

The vampire can also use the blood to bring people back to life that are dying.  Blood gives life to people and a vampire uses this to survive.

vampire spells that work overnight in South Africa


Vampires are all throughout literature and they have become a create that brings on fear and terror.  They have been written about such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula to Nosferatu and the image has changed as time has changed.

Many people still believe that the vampire has power and can-do spells to give supernatural power to people.  The spells are not known to change the DNA, but no one is really sure.

Vampire Spells

vampire spells that work overnight in South Africa

Vampire spells fall into two categories one is to protect you from vampires and one is to make you into a vampire.  There are cures such as garlic and crucifixes that are able to keep you safe from vampires but there are also spells that can give you immorality of a vampire.  People agree that no one has found a way to escape death, but can vampires give you this way of living?  If not, can they give you energy instead?

Psychic Vampires

When someone is around a psychic vampire, this is a person that feeds on your energy.  They will drain you and have no joy.  When you are around them, they make you tired and they bring you down.  They surround themselves with people that have white light so that they can drink this light and have your energy.  How do you protect yourself from these people?  You use vampire spells.

Stopping Vampires

There have always been spells to protect people from vampires.  The best way is to use holy water and sprinkle it around homes and graves.  Crucifixes are another popular way to keep vampires away from you and tormenting you.  Vampires are seen as evil and undead and so using religion can protect people and keep vampires away.

The same goes for holy ground.  When dirt is put into the mouth of dead, it is said to keep them from coming back to life.  Vampires can also have stakes to the heart or be burned or shot with a silver bullet to keep them away.  Vampires have no soul so someone can use a mirror to know if someone is a vampire because if their reflection is not in the mirror then they are a vampire.  Mirrors will distract the vampire.

There are herbs and plants that can keep the vampires away such as garlic and other herbs.  Some people will burn these herbs to keep vampires and other things away.

Keeping Psychic Vampires Away

One popular vampire spell is to keep away psychic vampires.  Since psychic vampires take your positive energy and fill you with negativity, it can leave you feeling weak and upset.  There are ways you can deal with this.

Find out who is draining you.  There are signs that you will know if you see these people and these are people that you are likely attracted to but when you spend time with them you end up feeling tired or exhausted.  You might even feel bad about yourself.  You let them put you down so they can feel better and they will criticize you and think that it is funny.  They have no real sense of humor and their attacks are not very obvious, but they are there.

vampire spells that work overnight in South Africa

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