This is another simple yet potent spell. Knots are an incredibly versatile tool to use in your spells. The spell allows you to cast a powerful spell with pretty much anything you can tie in a knot. The  spell can range from something as simple as tying your shoes or braiding your hair to complex and beautiful knotted crafts. This spell goes back as far as the ancient mesopotamia and ancient Babylon time and adds or alters a person’s fate.

what’s necessary in casting the money knot spell?

Some spell casters will tell you that things like the material or colors that you choose heavily impact the magic but really, these things are only helpful if they speak to you. If color affects the magic a lot then by all means, choose your cord for the color but otherwise it isn’t necessary.

The basic premise is that as you tie the knot you’re binding your intention. You can think of the knot as an anchor point for an idea that you want to manifest. During the spell, you have to concentrate and focus on your intentions for it to work.

Unknotting the knots during the money knot spell

Unknotting of the knots will help lessen the burden of not having money and you have to keep the knotted thread at home, in a place that allows you to see it frequently. It might be hung or displayed anywhere where you’ll be sure to notice it often.

This money knot spell may be affected if the knots are untied by someone else that is not you for the ones that are not buried or burnt.

Some times burying the knot or burning it will be given to you as an option.

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