Spell to Pass a Test, exam success spell

Spell to Pass a Test

Spell to Pass a Test: The ancient Goddess Athena was a goddess of wisdom, clarity and intelligence. She spent half of her time as a spider and the other half as a weaver. She could weave a web to tell a story. Athena is also the goddess that is in charge of helping you remember facts, figures and long tales from history. If memory retention is an issue, carrying this spider charm with you can help address the problem.

Appeals to this Goddess can make you smarter. Carry this charm with you whenever you need to pass a test.

Ingredients for the Spell to Pass a Test

  • A photo of a spider
  • Scissors
  • Mint oil
  • Green pen

How to Cast the Spell to Pass a Test

Cut the photograph of the spider so that it is a circle. Choose a photo that is small enough to fit in your purse or pocket. One by one inch is a good discreet size.

Anoint the photograph with any kind of mint oil. Mint is an herb of the intellect that makes you smarter. Use a green pen to write your own name and birthdate over the image of the spider. Carry the charm with you are studying and during the actual test to help improve your powers of concentration.


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