Spell to Attract Customers, spells for business growth

Spell to Attract Customers
Spell to Attract Customers

Spell to Attract Customers

Spell to Attract Customers is based on the age-old idea of creating a witch bottle. Everything in the bottle is symbolic of attracting more customers to where you work whether you work at home or run your own business.

The chocolate coin wrapped in gold foil is symbolic of money coming to you in a “sweet way”; effortlessly and easily. It helps others have a positive opinion of your services or products.

A bee is drawn on your business card as it is a symbol of prosperity.

Ingredients for the Witch Bottle

  • Your business card
  • A pen
  • Red ribbon
  • Chocolate coin wrapped in gold foil
  • Honey
  • A bottle or Mason jar with stopper or lid

How to Cast the Spell to Attract Customers

This ritual is best done during the new moon leading up to the full moon. However it may be done on any day leading up to the full moon.

Draw a bee on the back of the business card. Roll into a scroll and wrap it again and again in a red ribbon. Place the scroll into the bottle. Drop the chocolate covered coin in the jar. Fill with liquid honey. Cap this and put it in the freezer. This makes sure that you will always be seen as a sweet prospect to your customers. The fact that the jar is frozen solid means that it is hard to altar someone else’s opinion.

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