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Prosperity Spells
Prosperity Spells

Prosperity Spells

The Truth About Prosperity Spells. I get emails like this, daily: “It works perfectly well for people in serious debts… can you give me a money spell that can help? yes Prosperity Spells” Most people send emails looking for an easy way out. If you could sit down, light a few candles, say a chant, and attract a surge of prosperity… everyone would be …

Kumquats are bitter little oranges from the Middle East that have long been symbols of great wealth and prosperity. This is a spell that is done in tandem with the progression of the moon from New to Full Moon. To track this waxing phase of the moon you need to check a lunar calendar online or in print that tells you when the next new moon will be.

This money spell must be done on the eve of the New Moon and continued every day for the next fourteen days until the moon is full.

For the Prosperity Spell you will need:

  • 105 Kumquats

How to Cast the Prosperity Spell

On the eve of the new moon, peel and eat one kumquat, all the while concentrating on your financial goals. On the next night, eat two kumquats. On the next night, eat three. Continue to eat kumquats for fourteen days until on the night of the full moon, you have consumed 105 kumquats.

This ritual is thought to infuse you with the very essence of growing financial energies. The repetition of eating and focusing yourself to accept more and more of the oranges also teaches you to open up your psyche to accept more and more money in your life. The juice of the kumquats is like a substance that removes all inner blocks to prosperity.

The Benefits of a Prosperity Spell

If you have ever wondered what you can do for your family now and also in the future to ensure that they will prosper, then this Prosperity Spell can help you.

It is common to want the best for your family. Not only for now, the present, but also to ensure that they have a prosperous future. And what of your grand-children, and their children? Of course, in an ideal world, you would like to be able to guarantee that they are well provided for. But if you are of limited financial funds how can you possibly manage to do this, you may be asking yourself.

The prosperity spell can help you.

The prosperity spell is specifically designed to ensure permanent prosperity. But it does more than that!

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