Money Spells

Money spells are very popular. We’d all like some extra money here and there, and a money spell is a good way to help us along the way. Here are a few of my own personal money spells and charms that I’d like to share.

Company or business growth spell.

This spell will help your young company or business to grow at a nice rate, it also helps you to get more customers or clients, it can also be cast for a company that has been there for some time but is losing customers to reclaim those customers and get new ones.

Career and Work spell.

Improve your work or career with this spell, if you are constantly overlooked for promotions at your workplace then you need to use this spell, if your co-workers are always fighting with you this spell will put you in their good graces, it will also help you get that pay raise that has been long overdue, you can also use this spell to find out those who are against you at your workplace, unlike the lotto spell this spell is not a chance one hence its 100% guaranteed to work.

Hire me or new job spell.

This spell will guarantee that you get that new position or job that has been advertised, be it in your current place of work or a different company, all you have to do is get it cast for you before you go for the interview for the job in question. (Please note that this spell won’t get an unqualified janitor or secretary the job of a passenger plane pilot or something like that, am always getting such requests.)

The lotto, gambling spell.

If you are a gambler who is constantly losing at lotto, horses, etc. this spell will help improve your luck at the games, it won’t guarantee a top 2 win but your odds are way better than those of the person who just played without the spell.

Reclaim debt spell.

This spell will help you to reclaim your debt from that someone who has long refused to pay you back your money, this can work even if it’s a big company owing you or just one person regardless of how long they have owed you or the amount of money involved. (This spell will only work if you are genuinely owed by the entities you are claiming from).

Get fired or Fire me spell.

Is your company or employer refusing to end that work contract so you can move on to a new job? You don’t have to smash his car to achieve that, this spell will make sure you get a friendly and fair termination of your contract in a very short time, (you have to get it cast three days prior to when you want your employer to sign the termination contract).

Debt relief spell.

This spell will help you get extra time to pay your debt, it’s very useful during foreclosure proceedings and such, it can also make the person you are owing more merciful towards your pleas, (it will only work for you if deep down in your heart you know you want to pay the debt when you get the funds, it will not make the debt go away it will only give you some time).

Voodoo Spells

Voodoo dolls also sometimes known as Hex dolls are used in either casting particular spells or removing spells that were cast using one variation or another of the doll, you can order one to your specification and personal use or I can use one in casting a voodoo or hex spells for you, like the revenge spell, voodoo spells, and dolls can be very harmful and effective so again I’ll warn you before ordering one or casting their spell, they are available in all sizes and for all purposes, contact me with your specifications and what you want to use it for and I will get back to you with what you need in order to have one.

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