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Love Charms and Love Magic, love charm magic, love charms that work, do love charms really work, love spell, love charm medicine, simple love charms, prophet666 love charm, how to make a love amulet
Love Charms and Love Magic, love charm magic, love charms that work, do love charms really work, love spell, love charm medicine, simple love charms, prophet666 love charm, how to make a love amulet

Love charm magic and Love charm medicine

From problem to solution using love charm magic

Love charm magic In the area of drawing of partners together or reunion of partners, there are some reasons of partner’s separation, which are always repeating. In most cases are the reasons for splitting up misunderstandings and lack of communication between partners. Both sides expect from their partner to be helpful, loving and respectful, but these three come just from one side or they are not shared at all. In the most cases, people see just their partner not doing certain things or they are very aware of partner’s bad habits. They are not able to see, that problem in partnership occurs on both sides. It is like meeting of two beggars, who expect help, love and understanding from one another but neither has none of them. And both of them are disappointed.

Everyone of us can find help and have love, acceptance and understanding anytime. But we can’t have it from someone else, from our partner or even from our best friend! We can find them only inside of us and in God. Who finds them inside, is no longer a beggar. Most people need attention of other people, because without it, they feel alone. But that is just an illusion. We are never alone. God and his helpers and also spirits are always with us.


So, together with Love Magic, we need to help our clients to let things go. Let go is different from give up. To give up means to resign. Let go is to invite hidden and unknown forces and allow them to work for us. This can be sometimes pretty scary, because it is a step into the unknown. There is a big fear, that things won’t be under the control and ex-partner will be lost forever! But from our experience, the opposite is the truth! In let go, we relax, release our grasp and then, we are free, energy can flow again, we can be ourselves again. When is a client able to understand this and s/he can profoundly experience this truth, s/he becomes self-confident, full of love and understanding. Thereby s/he will emanate big force of attraction, which will be noticed and unconsciously accepted by everyone.

We are unconsciously seeking something in our partner that belongs to us – our own soul. For this reason are drawing of partners together, love charms, love magic and reunion of partners often dealing with following questions: „Who am I? What is the aim of my life?” Every human being has the same priorities and these priorities should be completed and harmonised in a partnership.

Are there some problems in your relationship? Fights? Disharmony? Have you and your lover called it quits or are you thinking of ending the relationship? Very often these problems can be fixed and all that is required is the expertise of someone who knows how to help. We can help repair your relationship!

Please call us, we are looking forward to help you.

Ethics of the Love Magic

Many times, people are scared of Magic. They think, that if they use for attracting a dream partner or getting ex-partner back Love Magic, something bad can happen to them. Or they can harm the partner they want. This fear comes from the deep rooted idea, that magic for attraction of a dream-partner or reunion of an ex-partner is manipulative or “not good”. Magic is a neutral tool, like for example electricity. Electricity can make our life easier, but it can also kill. What makes difference, between good and bad use of electricity? The intention and following activity of the user! 
Every white mage should follow the ethical principles, otherwise the magic s/he is performing, cannot be white and “good”. How can we judge the impact of the magic? By the final result. Are both partners after reunion happy and satisfied? Are the people around them affected in a positive way? If the answer is yes, the magic was good and “ethical”. Another important thing is the deep motive of the client. Why does s/he want to attract certain partner? What does s/he want to achieve? Is the client thinking only about fulfilling own desires or does s/he want to achieve harmony and satisfaction for both? If the motives of the client are selfish, magic cannot bring positive and good results!

There are some situations that are difficult to deal with and sometimes hard to explain. That’s why you need custom spells personalized to that particular situation. These can range from Love, Marriage, Relationships, Jobs, Family, Life setbacks and stagnation, spiritual cleansing, as well as money problems.

Mama Shama will heal your pains and call upon special and powerful deities set aside for cases like this to make sure there is a solution and result. Use the form below or WhatsApp to get started.