Witchcraft Commitment Spell, spell to make him commit to you

Witchcraft Commitment Spell
Witchcraft Commitment Spell

Witchcraft Commitment Spell

Witchcraft Commitment Spell will allow you to use witchcraft to bring about a deep, meaningful commitment with a new lover or strengthen your commitment with an existing partner. This witchcraft spell works by causing your partner to become aware of the desire for a deep commitment that is already present within his or her heart and mind. This spell uses a powerful potion and works by allowing you to align the power of your mind with natural, spiritual, and elemental forces to bring about the best possible future for yourself and others. It helps you to access your higher self. When you are in tune with your highest self, the possibilities are limitless. You can tap into this higher self to bring about the love that you desire.

Ingredients needed for the Witchcraft Commitment Spell

  • 2 ounces non-flavored vodka
  • 11 drops sandalwood
  • 7 drops rose oil
  • 7 drops oil of geranium
  • 7 drop rose wood oil
  • 1 small bottle or flacon
  • 7 roses
  • 1 white cotton cloth or handkerchief (must be perfectly clean)
  • 1 white ribbon
  • 1 shell
  • 2 small wooden sticks (e.g. tooth picks)
  • 1 red thread
  • 1 white candle

How to Cast the Commitment Spell

First, prepare the Potion:

During a waxing moon, fill a small bottle with 2 ounces of non-flavored vodka. Add 11 drops of sandalwood oil, 7 drops of rose oil, 2 drops oil of geranium, and 2 drops of rose wood oil. Place this small bottle in a dark corner and let it sit for 15 days. During these 15 days, light a candle at night and concentrate on your desires in the relationship with your partner.

15 days later:

Start the ritual by lighting the candle. Take the white cloth and place it in front of you. While doing so focus intensely on your wishes and the one you love. Pluck the rose petals off the 7 roses, place them on the white cloth and concentrate on your partner.

Add 7 drops of the potion (which you created 15 days earlier) to the white cloth and then anoint the wooden sticks generously with the potion. The sticks represent you and your lover and the potion will create an unbreakable bond between the two of you.

Tie the red thread around both wooden sticks and place them in the center of the cloth. Put the shell on top of the sticks.

Lift up all the edges from the cloth and tie the band around it to create a small pouch or sack.

Your loved one should sleep on this pouch for 7 nights. Place the bag under the pillow, the mattress or under the bed. Before you go to sleep, rub one drop of the oil on your left chest, over your heart, for 7 nights. Use the potion any time you feel like it. You should keep the pouch in your bedroom as a good luck charm. It will continue to work and radiate strong energies and there is no “expiration date”.